The Tattoo Thoughts

Heather: I want a tat but I’m terrified Jessica: Start small It really isn’t as painful as people say I have 4 Heather: Where’s the least painful? Jessica: Probably the shoulder area or the thigh? Basically the meatier/more fat the less painful. The closer to the bone, it stars to sting I’m actually planning on another […]

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Babble Babble Bitch Bitch

Jessica: they are fucking putting the newbie in charge of delegating tasks to me Heather: what in the holy fuck Jessica: exactly Heather: she just started!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh how is that fair??? Jessica: yup, but they say she is better at managing her time and so they are giving her more responsibilities and putting her in […]

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When Reality Sucks

Heather: The dating world SUCKS Especially in this generation because tinder fucked it all up for the good people Jessica: what’s tinder? Heather: …..really? Jessica: ……. Heather: Did you really just ask that? Jessica: yes  Heather: it’s a “dating” app but it’s mostly for hookups. I tried it once and I dated a guy off […]

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To Date or Not To Date

Jessica: guess what? the new chick started today Heather: How do you like her? Jessica: eh, I never depend on first impressions I’ve had too much experience of thinking someone was nice at first only to find out they’re complete assholes Heather: Yeah I’m with you there Heather: Reminded me of you from your post […]

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Books Before Boys

Heather: How is everything over there with the crazy people? Jessica: it’s good today lol I’m really freaking tired today though, so I haven’t really been paying attention to anything Heather: Lol well that’s good then Wanna do happy hour this week? Jessica: yes ! Heather: I’m free wednesday and thursday Jessica: lets do wednesday […]

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Happy Hours and Boys

Jessica: woohoo! your first day at work do you know when you can go to happy hour? Heather: Yay! And no, but I think I leave at 5. I have to double check when my new supervisor gets back from lunch Jessica: Ok which chilis are we going to? Heather: The one off hampden and […]

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The New Year

Jessica: Floyd is fucking pissing me off right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heather: Ooooh juicy. Tell me! Jessica: he has no concept of how long it takes to take and edit a photo. He is requiring me to have a weeks worth of images done every freaking Thursday I already told him three images a day was too […]

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Phase Two

Heather: so FYI, I’m fired now Jessica: What?! Heather: Yep Sally waited until I got home to fire me Jessica: Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it Heather: Great timing, huh? Jessica: Absolutely horrible Heather: She texted me right as I got home to ask if I was back in town and I said yes. […]

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The Beginning

Short backstory: The two of us met through work, which was at a skincare company. We had horrible bosses and found solace in gifs and sarcastic comments. Jessica: what product(s) do we want to feature for the Thanksgiving photo? Heather: relax – as in, relax, honey! it’s okay you burnt the turkey! Or take it […]

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